Project Overview

Savepoint is a Boston startup that is building an app that will help people find accommodations at large events.

My Role

Competitor Analysis | Develop Personas | Develop and Implement User Testing Plan

My Challenge

Developing Personas

Savepoint's goal is to help event attendees connect with each other to split hotel/accommodation costs. I was tasked in 2017 with developing multiple personas based on Facebook posts with people attending The Big House 6 tournament (October 7-9, 2016).

With 70 Facebook posts, I focused mostly on the people Savepoint interacted with. 

Of the people that requested housing:

  • They were overwhelmingly male and under 25.
  • They had tight finances.
  • They prioritized social interactions and opportunities over privacy.  
  • They were tech savvy.

Below are examples of the posts.

Savepoint put users into three categories:

  • Converted- Those who used Savepoint services successfully (Charlie).
  • Converted but dropped- Those initially interested but then changed their minds (David).
  • Non-converted- Those who found other accommodations (Josh).

The personas I created reflected the main priorities of cost, social interaction, and gaming. 

Later, I reviewed video interviews of 22 people who attended KatsuCon, an annual three-day anime convention. 

The results:

  • When looking for a place, people ask friends first, and go onto social media if that doesn't work.
  • Most people were wary of lodging with complete strangers because of safety concerns or differences in how they would use the room. 
  • Hotels are expensive and other options were welcomed.
  • A lodging app would be especially useful for people new to the convention circuit.