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Project Summary

Pavlok is a startup in Boston helping people to change their habits. The purpose of the Pavlok Chrome extension is to boost productivity.

Our Challenge

In a two week design sprint, our team of three had to redesign the extension. I focused on research and persona development.

My Role: Survey | User liaison | Personas | Storyboard | Co-presenter


two parts

The Chrome extension comprised a full window and a drop-down window. Both windows had Pavlok tools and the capacity to fix settings. The drop-down window gave quicker access. The full window had more in-depth functionality. 

Full window (10/2016)

Full window (10/2016)

Drop-down window (10/2016)

Drop-down window (10/2016)

User Interviews

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We first interviewed six users. 

Interview Takeaways:

I don't feel like I'm really tapping into the full potential.

More explanation: Some felt they were not using the extension to its full potential because they didn't know much beyond the three major tools. For example, Pavlok had a timed session function called 'Pomodoro.' Most people didn't know what that meant. 

I want to turn this off whenever I please.

Greater control: Users stressed the need for greater control in scheduling when their computers would be monitored, and for modifying the strength of the stimuli from a battery powered wearable device that kept them motivated.  

User Survey Data

We developed a survey and sent it to 730 Pavlok users. Fifty-three responded.  

Survey Takeaways:

  • The drop-down and full window were equally used so dropping one was out.  
  • A third of users found the extension difficult to navigate.
  • Poor aesthetics: looked "cobbled together." 
  • Half of users had no apps integrated with the extension but were interested in that.  


After reviewing all of our user data, we started to define our users and their problem.

User Problem

As a Google Chrome user, I want an extension to help me manage my tasks and schedule so that I can maximize my productivity.


For those that are looking to maximize productivity, the Pavlok Chrome extension is a central resource to efficiently manage your day-to-day activities- from web browser controls to powerful app integrations.


I wrote and put together a storyboard with 


We created two personas; one owns a Pavlok wearable device, the other only uses the extension. 

                                                FINAL PROTOTYPE

                                                FINAL PROTOTYPE